Showcase: Interactive Science, Music, Art and Nature Garden at Kill NS

Outdoor Classroom has recently installed our most impressive garden yet in Kill National School, Co Kildare. (Spring 2012)

Functional raised beds mix with outdoor musical instruments and hand-made commissioned art work to creat a truly unique outdoor learning experience for the students. Visit the school website for more photos .

It is a multi-sensory classroom and garden in one. It contains


  •     Raised beds for planting
  •     Several outdoor seating areas
  •     A giant chair
  •     A vertical "living larder" for salad plants
  •     A strawberry tube
  •     Five sensory beds with plants that look good, smell good , feel good, sound good and even taste good
  •     A pond with tadpoles, snails, slugs, insects and plants (with webcam)
  •     A hedghog station (with webcam)
  •     A Bug Skyscraper
  •     Outdoor chimes, xylophone, drums etc for making music
  •     A willow dome to sit in
  •     A mini Forest
  •     A fruiting hedge
  •     Bird feeding station
  •     Several bird boxes
  •     A weather station - linked to the school's network

There are cameras installed in the pond, hedgehog box, bird feeding station, and the bird boxes. These cameras are linked to the school's website and the interactive whiteboards so the children can watch the activities in their classrooms or homes. The weather station is powered by a solar panel and is linked to the school website. It gives constant information regarding wind speed, wind direction, temperature, cloud cover etc. The garden/outdoor classrooom will be of great benefit to the children as they study science,nature, geography and many more areas of the curriculum.

Update: May 2012 - one month after installation there are tadpoles in the pond; birds nesting in the birdbox and a hedgehog has taken up residence in the hedgehog box!



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